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About MAPA Collaborative, LLC

This Is How Our Story Began

For over 20 years we have supported one another, as women, friends, mothers, working professionals, and now as business partners and entrepreneurs.  We are passionate about this chapter in our lives because we thrive in our deep commitment to learning, the ability to connect and willingness to adapt to change.  We draw great inspiration from each other and value the complementary nature of our relationship and personalities.  Our business venture symbolizes our personal journey to meaningful and successful careers and our search for balance. We believe growth is constant and know that even when we arrive, there’s always more to go. And still, we’ve been to places. We’re eager to share our knowledge and experiences with you.


MAPA was inspired by the first two letters of our names,  and it is also the Spanish word for “map”. The idea that we could function as a navigation device felt special and exciting. We dreamed up MAPA Collaborative after dinner, in one of our many casual conversations. Sharing challenges, we extended support and strategy we weren’t finding at work. MAPA was designed to provide a fresh and supportive perspective. Today, we uplift others in their path to excellence and leadership performance. 

Our combined lived experiences in the non-profit and higher education sectors transcend into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 


We have walked alongside 30+ eclectic organizations. We spent the last two decades studying strategies, creating initiatives, administrating organizations, and working with teams to execute programs addressing some of the most pressing community needs. We want to help you reach your potential and build capacities for your organizations. Stop here and ask for directions. 

Paula Figueroa-Vega & Maritza Raimundi-Petroski

Meet Our Team

Paula Figueroa-Vega, MPA


Founding Partner

I am drawn to work with people whose profession is grounded in the service of others.  I set clear direction, strategic plans and develop organizations. My critical skills are useful in designing and evaluating programs.  I compartmentalize challenges and bring clarity to create plans that work and address the current needs of any individual or program I work with.  I connect people to resources and create programs that matter. I love to support others in their development.  My style is collaborative and I work hard to get the job done.

Founding Partner

I support my clients in seizing and creating opportunities to further advance their personal goals and priorities.  I help extend their capacity and support their leadership aspirations through effective communication.  While we work together, you should expect an easy-going, yet persuasive leadership style that promotes a cooperative environment. I value a personal approach to influencing and encouraging others while being people-oriented and relationship-oriented.  I am focused, objective, adaptable to change and have a deep appreciation for transformational leadership.

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