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Looking Back As We Set Our 2023 Intentions

We are excited to be entering our fourth year of service. To all our clients, it's been a pleasure and honor to work with each of you. Each year we learn about ourselves and feel privileged to have the opportunity to partner with some amazing people doing work to advance social causes in the community. This past year, MAPA Collaborative:

  1. Designed and facilitated customized educational experiences for approximately 30 staff to cultivate awareness and respect for cultural diversity in the Latino/a/é community. The workshop aimed to explore the rich racial diversity within the Latino community and mitigate the staff’s personal bias with a focus on equity.

  2. Facilitated community organizing meeting: Worked closely with collaborative partners of a housing initiative to create and facilitate a workshop on a Saturday for community members interested in housing/tenant issues. There were approximately 28 participants in the workshop, some of whom attended the meeting with the children. MAPA designed the interactive workshop and facilitated the conversation in Spanish.

  3. Shared information and resources in various presentations, including:

    1. Princeton Community Works: Grant writing for nonprofit professionals

    2. The County College of Morris: panelist at the “Grant Writing Discussion” for the Grant Writing Certificate Program

    3. Rutgers University Student Alumni Career Connect Event: representing a minority women-owned business/entrepreneur and consulting field

    4. HISPA and the Hispanic Government Fellows: Presented in a panel and co-facilitated a workshop for youths in collaboration with colleagues and friends.

  4. Reviewed an organization’s strategic plan, created a progress report, and provided board development resources: Worked with Executive Director and the Board Chair to review the strategic plan and generate a progress report. Planned Board Retreat and submitted report and board retreat plans. Curated resources for board development

  5. Provided professional coaching and guidance: Offered guidance to an executive board as they developed a newly formed organization, reviewed 501c-3 considerations, work plan, and budget development—facilitated a group meeting with the executive board.

  6. Utilized pre-workshop surveys to co-create strategies with the team: Gathered data to inform how to run training and content to maximize results for participants.

  7. Translated multiple documents and provided cultural competency support.

  8. Assisted with marketing: Designed bilingual flyers.

  9. Invested in self-development by participating in professional conversations, training, and workshops to enhance our learning capacity and transferable skills.

  10. Only took on passion projects: We slowed down in 2022 to accommodate life’s transition and concentrated on passion projects.

What our clients are saying:

“Thank you so much for everything this year. You really helped us push forward in our engagement with Latinx communities across the watershed. We would not have been able to progress so far without your expertise, patience, and guidance.”

"We are so grateful for your support, leadership, and guidance. It’s been tremendous learning from you and helping us grow!"

“I want to commend you on the job you did with the training. It was very well received.”

“Your willingness to share your time and expertise in the area of grants was impactful to the participants of the workshop. Thank you again for your time and inspiration.”

“Gracias por todo el apoyo. En los grants para mis programas. We got approved again for the education Grant 25k. Gracias mil a las dos por guiarme. Paula gracias por los flyers.”

We look forward to 2023 with anticipation as we partner with individuals and organizations to help them with their goals.

Maritza Raimundi-Petroski & Paula Figueroa-Vega

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