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Prioritizing Communication During This Global Crisis

So many of you are currently making risk-informed-decisions for your organization during this time of global crisis and business uncertainty. We at MAPA Collaborative, LLC, believe that we benefit from a community that regularly shares lessons learned with those around us. We would love to hear what decisions you are making and how you are sharing them with your stakeholders, including your staff, your clients, your students, your board members, and your funders.

Even more important now, leaders must continue to implement an effective communication strategy making all partners aware of how you are providing services even during difficult times. However, regular communication alone will not be effective unless you are also sharing ideas and strategies to be implemented once the crisis is over. Having ideas and plans for the future reassures everyone you manage and those who support your operations that you intend to be viable and relevant in the future. It also makes it clear how their continued support will help you advance the mission of the organization. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind during this time of change and adaptation.

  • If you had to close your operations and implement a remote modified schedule as a result of the current global pandemic, remember to keep the community informed of your plans regularly. Fully maximize the use of social media and keep your website up to date.

  • Maintain regular internal communication with your team. Take the time to clarify protocols and procedures. Reassure your team about your continued commitment and concern and the protective procedures you’ve taken. Verbalize your gratitude for your team with clear examples.

  • External communication is equally as important as internal communication. Share what you are doing and the critical steps you are taking. Remain positive and conscientious, yet focus on solution-based information sharing. Share small and significant accomplishments letting stakeholders know your progress towards achieving the goals as part of your emergency plan. In doing so, you are maintaining their confidence in your ability to lead in times of uncertainty.

Remember, stakeholders are looking towards the leader to get up to date information. Ensure a sense of calmness and steadiness, leadership qualities that people are looking for during this time. Let your community know that you are committed to continuing to live out the mission of the organization. Create spaces for continued collaborations and resource sharing. Ask for help from those who may be in a position to help you. The support they can offer can take a variety of forms, such as:

  • offering a listening ear to help you through the decision-making process,

  • offering monetary support,

  • identifying concrete supports such as laptops, software or computer equipment to help your staff be efficient and productive while navigating the world of remote work schedules, and

  • helping you understand all the government assistance that may become available from the Covid-19 federal package and more.

We at MAPA Collaborative, LLC, wish our community much strength during this time. Thank you for doing all you can to protect and serve. We look forward to learning from and with you.

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