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Strategies for Addressing Complex Social Problems

Non-profit organizations often mobilize a diverse group of stakeholders to help solve large and complex social problems. Solving those problems takes time and for sustainable solutions to happen, it takes culture shifts, a commitment to equity, resources, and long-term dedication.

The Collective Impact Model provides a helpful roadmap. We've collected a number of resources as we help our client with a collective impact initiative. We'd thought we'd provide you the same list, in case you were looking for solutions too!

Community Tool Box; Collective Impact

Collective Impact Forum

Standford Innovation Review

With a commitment to a culture of support and collaboration, we analyze our client’s presenting priorities and help them develop clear and comprehensive plans.

Our passion is to empower you to move forward.

We specialize in Organizational Development, Professional Development, Education and Training, and Community Engagement.

Paula Figueroa-Vega & Maritza Raimundi-Petroski.

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