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Building Our Own Agenda

As of January 17, 2021, we gave the website a refresh and gained a few new clients this year. We may be needing to put clients on a waiting list soon! We've been busy and super excited to be partnering on projects connected to community engagement. Being bilingual Spanish has been helpful, and it appears that our experience has provided us the ability to gain useful skills that we now use to provide solutions.

Our commitment to life-long learning about anti-racist practices, racial justice, equity, and inclusion are important for our work. We've also made mistakes along the way, and we've learned throughout the year, helping us build our wisdom. We pivot as needed. We are strengthening our confidence because we know we don't need to be perfect, so we are trying new things.

Some words that are coming clear in this new year - aligning, sacred pauses, building our own agenda, collaboration, community, and a grounding in love.

Via MAPA Collaborative, LLC, we offer expert-based advice for

improved performance. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create strategies and optimize operations.

Paula FigueroaVega & Maritza Isaura Raimundi-Petroski

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